Chhuon Chhom

Chhuon Chhom joined the project in 2010. She has eleven children and a husband. Two children are less than six years old, six are between six and 15, and three children are older. In the past, only three of her children attended school regularly and the others did not attend at all because their parents did not have enough money. Now, all of the children are able to attend school every day and quit working.

Chhuon Chhom’s average monthly income before joining the project was $100. After joining CfC, her average income from making carpets was $141 per month. Her husband works as well as a primary school teacher for $1.80 per day. Chhoun Chhom seized the opportunity CfC gave her to start her own business to increase her families welfare further. She started her own sewing business but since it did not work as well as expected, she has decided to start a fish selling business during the rainy season.

With her supplemental income, Chhuon Chhom can give to her daughter—who lives elsewhere—about $11-$23 per month. Currently, her income does not cover her monthly costs so she borrows from a moneylender about $80.64 with 8 percent interest each month.

Her life has changed since joining CfC. Chhuon Chhom has more income and her health has improved because she and her husband no longer need to do stressful work. Still, she worries because they have no saved money and school gets more expensive as children get older.

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