Chan Srey Pove

Chan Srey Pove joined the project in 2010. She has 5 children aged between six and fifteen years old. Since joining the project all of her children now attend school regularly, instead of working or begging on the streets.

Her average income from carpet is $120 which has allowed her families welfare to increase significantly and to payback for moneylenders. She has been able to provide food for her family and have a more stable life.

Despite this, most her children have fever, phthisis (a lung disease) and they have constant nose bleeds during the summer. Chan Srey Pove usually buys medicine from the market stall which costs her $1.2, or she can visit the free health center in Poipet but if she needs private treatment, the costs increase significantly. She owes $23.30 to a moneylender which she is paying back also.

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