Vin Lat

Vin Lat joined the project in 2009 along with her spouse and eight children—three under the age of six, four between six and 15, and one older than 15. In the past, most of the children were not even enrolled in school and worked as cart-pushers in the Thai market with their parents to support the family.

Vin Lat’s average monthly income before joining CfC was $96.70 per month;. Making carpets earned her on average $120 per month. She also earned $3 per day working as a cart pusher in the Thai Market. Still, her living costs are more than her income each month, so she often purchases commodities on credit or borrows money from friends. She also has an outstanding loan from a moneylender and she owes about $161.

Having been with the project from the beginning, Vin Lat has developed the skills and confidence to start her own sewing business. With the help of CfC she has been able to do so and is now earning thanks to this other activity $120 per month.

Also, her family all has improved their health and Vin Lat feels healthier herself overall. She also says her life has improved in other ways since joining CfC. For one, she has more income. And, she has fewer conflicts with her unemployed husband. But most importantly, her children go to school every day.

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