Soung Seangeay

Soung Seangeay joined the project in 2009. She has six children—four between six and 15 years old, and two more than 15 years old. In the past, because she did not have enough money, the children at best had irregular attendance at school. But now that their mother earns a steady income making carpets, all of the children have the opportunity to go to school full time.

Before joining the project, Soung Seangeay earned $90 per month. Making carpets earned her $117 per month on average. With this income she earned, and with the support she has received, she had the necessary confidence and foundations to start her own business. Soung Seangeay started her own tailor business, making clothes to sell locally and doing repairs/alternations in her community. In addition to this, Soung Seangeay has been making and selling Khmer cakes, she hopes to expand this business also to ensure it is more sustainable.

Similarly to many other families in the project, Soung Seangeay catches stomach illnesses and her children often get fevers. Generally, she purchases medicine from the market store for $0.50, but if they remain unwell, she seeks free treatment at the public hospital. Because of the family’s poor health, Soung Seangeay worries about her children’s future and if she will be able to see them fully educated.

Since joining CfC, Soung Seangeay has more income and most importantly, all of her children are back in school. Even though she faces poor health, she hopes to work harder to earn more money so that she can see her children reach their fullest potential and prevent them from further sickness.

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