Soun Sum

Soun Sum joined the project in 2009. She has six children—four between the ages of six and 15 and two older. In the past, her children attended school sporadically because of a lack of money; instead of attending school, some worked in the Thai market. Currently, the four school-aged children attend school all the time because Soun Sum earns a steady income making carpets.

Before Soun Sum joined CfC, she earned only $80.60 per month. Her average monthly income making carpets was $120. Besides these earnings, her older son supplements the family by working as a cleaner and labourer in Bangkok, Thailand. He sends his mother money to pay off a debt so that her income can cover all of their monthly costs.

Soun Sum wanted to further her families’ welfare by starting her own business. Over the years she has been working with CfC she built the confidence and capabilities to do this. She started her own sewing business where she makes and sells clothes locally.

Soun Sum’s life has changed in many ways since joining CfC. Her family now gets enough to eat, she can pay off her debt, and her children go to school every day. As her children grow, their school and healthcare expenses will increase, so Soun Sum hopes that through CfC, she can continue to finance her children’s higher education.

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