Seng Eng

Seng Eng and her family joined the project in 2008. She currently cares for seven grandchildren—five between the ages of six and 15 and two that are older. Some of her children moved or passed away, so Seng Eng is responsible for all of the children. In the past, the children only attended school sporadically because they had to take care of their younger brothers and sisters and collect recyclable materials. Some even washed clothes to supplement the family income.

Now that Seng Eng participates in the program, all of the school-aged children have the opportunity to study full time at a local school. Seng Eng earns $77 per month and two of her grandchildren work as seamstresses, earning an additional $2.25 per day.

With the skills and confidence she has built with CfC, she was able to start her own sewing business. She makes her own clothes, repairs and alterations. She earns about $3.5/day by and gets help form her 2 elder daughters.

Currently, they spend more than they earn, so Seng Eng buys using credit and has an outstanding loan from a moneylender for the treatment of her two daughters when they were alive. She owes about $322.50. Seng Eng also has heart problems and previously had a heart attack.

Since joining CfC, Seng Eng notes that she has more income to pay off her debt. She still worries about her poor health and lack of money. She is uncertain that her grandchildren will continue their studies, but she is determined to do all that she can to ensure that they reach university. 

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