Ros Sareth

Ros Sareth joined up with the project in 2008. She has one child under the age of six and five children between six and 15 years old. Before her children attended school only irregularly, now they attend full time.

Ros Sareth’s total average income in 2008 was only $32.80 per month. While making carpets her income averaged $100 a month. Additionally, her husband works as a cart-pusher and earns $3 per day.

This income, however, did not cover their living costs each month so Ros Sareth often purchased commodities on credit and borrowed money from friends. She does not have any outstanding debt and has managed to save a little money by only purchasing inexpensive items.

After working with CfC for 3 years, she felt that she had the capabilities to develop her own business and entered the micro loan program. Ros Sareth works with local producers to sell fruit locally and into Thailand. The development of this business has provided an opportunity to develop significant profit to improve her family’s welfare and provide nutritious food within her community.

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