Ren Samon

Ren Samon has been with the project since 2004. She has a husband and six children—one child younger than six, two between six and 15, and three older than 15. Before she joined CfC, most of the children were not enrolled in school and instead worked as day laborers in the Thai market. Currently, all the children have the chance to study full time.

Ren Samon earned only $64.50 per month in 2005; by making carpets, she earned $117 per month. Additionally, her husband earned $0.70 per day raising cows. Her son who works in Thailand also sent homes about $5.30 per month. Still, she could not cover the living expenses each month for the family and so she often made purchases on credit. Thankfully, she has no outstanding loans.

For the nearly 7 years that she has been working with CfC, being able t0 produce some of the more complex carpet designs for CfC, she has built the capabilities and desire to start her own business. With the assistance of CfC, she implemented 2 businesses, the first using her sewing skills by starting a sewing business and the other a vegetable farm where she sells the products locally.

Now that her children can all attend school, Ren Samon expects them to complete grade twelve. She worries about the expenses of taking exams, but hopes that if she continues to be supported by CfC, she can help educate them to their fullest potential.

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