Ouk Sophat

Ouk Sophat joined the project in August of 2010. She has nine children; three of her children are between the ages of six and 15 and six of her children are older than 15. She also cares for two grandchildren. In the past, most of the children worked in the Thai market or stayed at home doing housework rather than attending school. Now, all of the school-aged children attend regularly.

Prior to making carpets, Ouk Sophat earned $48.30 each month until 2009. While making carpets she earned an average income of $12o per month. Additionally, one of her children sold belts and earned about $2.25 each day to support the family.

Ouk Sophat joined CfC with the goal of starting her own business and with the confidence and capabilities she earned making carpets, she was able to do so. She started her own tailor business where she makes clothes to sell locally.

Because of her increased disposable income, Ouk Sophat notes that working with CfC allows her to pay off old debts, but more importantly, gives her children a chance to study every day. And, if she pays attention to her own health, she can live longer to support all her children and continue her dream of running her own business.

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