Moen Mean

Moen Mean and her family joined the project in 2009. She currently has three children between the ages of six and 15 and a husband. Previously, her children were not enrolled in school because they had to work as cart-pushers in the Thai market. Since she has joined CfC, the children attend school full time.

Moen Mean earned only $60 per month in 2009. Her carpets making income with CfC was $120 and her husband worked as a cart-pusher, earning $4 per day. However, the family spent more than they earned and Moen Mean now has an outstanding loan from a moneylender with an existing balance of $120.

Moen Mean came to us with a business idea that will enable her to earn a stable income outside of carpet production. And so, with our help, she has established a business selling fruit locally in Poipet which she imports from across the border. These fruits are less available in Cambodia and provide the market with more options and she earns approximately $110 a month for her family.

Moen Mean now feels 100 percent confident that her children can finish grade 12 since they have the chance to study every day. Because of her income generated by making carpets and her new business, Moen Mean’s family has more disposable income purchased new materials to use in the house. Her relationship with her husband has improved as well. Moen Mean’s goal for the future is for her husband to find a job as well, and she hopes that she can help him start a business.

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