Lay Leang

Lay Leang and her family joined the project in August of 2010. She is a single mother and currently has five children. Previously, one of her daughters (age: 10) did not attend school and the oldest child only attended sporadically to stay home and do the housework. Now, all the children attend school regularly.

In addition to the income she earned making carpets—$65 per month—she earns two to three dollars each day from washing fish in the Thai Market. Moreover, within a short period Lay Leang built the confidence and capabilities to start her own business. Lay Leang now started her own business selling nutritious fruit in her community.

However, Lay Leang had to borrow money for emergency expenses from a bank and moneylenders. She owes about $193 on a loan for treatment for her husband when he was alive.

Since joining CfC, Lay Leang feels 100 percent confident that she can provide her children with an adequate education and she wants them to complete high school. Still, she worries about her debt and the increasing expenses of higher education. Lay Leang hopes to work harder to maintain her business and earn more money.

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