Koul Pow

Koul Pow joined the project in 2009. She has seven children—two under the age of six and five between six and 15. Before entering the project, some of Koul Pow’s children were not enrolled at all in school, and the rest, while enrolled, did not attend regularly because they had to beg or work as cart-pushers to support the family. Since their mother joined CfC, all of the children have the chance to study full-time at the local school.

Koul Pow earned $58 a month before 2009. While making carpets she earned $115 on average each month. Even so, she purchased commodities on credit at times, because she also supports her elderly mother. Her son, who works in Thailand, also sends the family money and they manage, at present, to not have any outstanding loans.

Koul Pow’s life has changed for the better since joining CfC. She feels that the family can eat enough and have better health, her children have the chance to study every day, and her relationship with her husband has improved. Still, her husband doesn’t have a job and with so many children to provide for, they spend a lot of money each month. Avoiding debt is difficult, but Koul Pow thinks that if she continues to make carpets, she can buy a new motor bike for her husband so he can then earn more money to support the family.

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