Kon Sokha

Kon Sokha and her family joined the project in January 2010. She has six children, some of which previously attended school while the others followed their father who works as a cart-pusher at the Thai market. Since she joined CfC, all of her children attend school regularly because she now has the money to send them.

Before joining the project, Kon Sokha’s family earned $96.70 per month. While making carpets she earned on average $120 per month. The family spent less than they earn, and so they were able to pay back a loan from her neighbour with a monthly payment of $11.70.

Not long ago, Kon Sokha wanted to gain more of an independent income by starting her own business. This involved importing fruit and vegetables from across the Thailand border that are not available in Cambodia and sell them locally in Poipet. Thanks to the CfC micro loan program she was able to set this up, ensuring another sustainable revenue for her family.

Kon Sokha and her family live with good health. She feels somewhat confident that she can provide her children with adequate nutrition and more certain that they can now complete grades seven and eight. Even though the family does not own the land or house where they live, and the owner could take it back and sell it at any time, overall, she feels that her family is better off since they joined the program.

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