In Saly

In Saly, her husband, and her children joined the project in June of 2010. She has four children and looks after her elderly mother. She previously could only send her some of her children to school because she didn’t have enough money for everyone to attend all the time. Since joining CfC, all of her children attend school regularly.

In Saly’s average income before joining this project was $48.30 per month; while making carpets she earned $92 each month. Despite this increase, she still could not support her family completely. She took out a 20,000 baht (about $646) loan from a bank to build the house where they currently live. She has paid off some of the loan, and with interest, currently owes $420.

Being involved in CfC for 2 years, she has now established her own business. She sells fruit locally and in Thailandand uses her local networks that make this business a successful and sustainable one. CfC helped her to start this business with a $350 micro loan. Over time In Saly switched to selling Khmer noodles around the village where she lived.

In Saly and her family all live with poor health. She often has backaches and other chronic pain, for which she takes medicine purchased at the market or seeks treatment from a private hospital. One of her children has difficulty breathing and her mother often suffers convulsions. A visit to the hospital for any of these ailments costs $10 each time.

Still, Saly’s life has changed for the better since joining CfC. She has more income to pay off her debt and provide her children with adequate nutrition. Her children have the chance to study every day and she feels confident that they will complete grade 8. Even though she considers herself old, and her children, small, In Saly wants to work harder to make her business work so she can afford all of their school fees.

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