Huy Han

Huy Han has worked making carpets with CfC since 2006. She has six children, three of which attend school regularly and no longer work in the Thai market. Huy Han earned $77 per month making carpets.

Because she earned less than she spends, she has an outstanding loan from a moneylender. She borrowed the loan originally to send her husband and daughter to work in Thailand. She owes 10,000 Baht (about $322) on the loan with a 20 percent interest rate per month.

She also has health care expenses. One of her sons has a goiter and Huy Han purchases medicine from a market store, which costs only $1 for minor illnesses, but if this does not alleviate the pain, she needs to take her son to a private hospital that costs $9 per visit.

Since joining CfC, Huy Hans children live healthier lives and can go to school. She hopes that they will finish grade 12. But, because she has less disposable income, she worries about paying back her debt.

Now Huy Han has established her own business thanks to the CfC micro loan program. By importing pigs from Thailand, she has recognized the opportunity to start her own pig farm to supply the local demand. Thanks to this activity she now earns $110 per month average. 

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