Gnean Ouch

Gnean Ouch joined the project in 2004. She has four children, the three youngest ones are between six and 15, and one is older. Currently, all the children attend school every day and no longer work to support the family.

With a total average income in 2005 of only $48.30 per month, Gnean Ouch could not provide enough food for her children or send them consistently to school. Producing carpets earned her on average $120 per month. This income was supported by making and selling garlands for $2.50 per day. She still earned less than her total monthly costs, and thus purchases commodities on credit and borrows from a moneylender.

Having been with the project from the beginning, Gnean Ouch has developed the skills and confidence to start her own sewing business. CfC helped her raise the necessary funds to establish her business in 2011. However, Gnean Ouch can not commit the necessary time to sowing, as she has young grandchildren to take care of.

Since joining CfC, Gnean Ouch has more income to spend on food, her children go to school, and her health has improved due to her less-stressful and safer work environment. Because she considers herself old, she worries about the further education of her children. But, she stays positive, and tries to make her business a success in order to earn enough money.

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